Frequently Asked Questions

Q:    Are you a 'boutique' or 'concierge' practice?

A:    When starting practice in 1986, I asked myself how I would like my own family to be treated and determined to treat my patients the same way.   Each medical practice is unique.  “Concierge”, “Boutique”, and “Direct Practice” are convenient terms to describe practices like mine which provide you a personal professional relationship with your physician, time for the care you need, and the coordination of testing and specialist consultations.

Q:    Will I see a physician's assistant or a nurse practitioner?

A:    No.  Unless I am out of town, you will always see me.  When I am not available, one of my office physician colleagues will see you.

Q:    How do you choose specialists?

A:    I want the special attention you receive to extend beyond our office, so should you need a specialist, I will recommend one based on professional qualifications, practice style, and commitment to personal attention.

Q:    What if I have questions after hours?

A:    Simply call your private number to the office. During holidays, evenings, and weekends you have Dr. Schwager’s cell phone number and may call him directly. Really!

Q:    Can I contact the office by e-mail regarding my treatment?

A:    Privacy issues regarding medical information and e-mail require special consideration.  I hope to have e-mail communication available soon.

Q:    Do you practice holistic medicine?

A:    If by holistic medicine you mean prescribing herbal or homeopathic remedies instead of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals, I am not a holistic doctor. On the other hand, I know my patients' medical histories in detail. I understand their diet, exercise regimen, and other health habits; I explore their feelings about illness and wellness; cure is provided when possible and caring when a cure is not available. I try to help patients live as long and fully as possible. To me, that is what holistic medicine is all about.

Q:    How do I become a patient?

A:    Schedule a time to meet Dr. Schwager by calling 520-545-7563. You’ll have the same experience as our current patients – a doctor who cares and is on time.


Q:    Do I still need health insurance?

A:    Yes.  Fees charged for the concierge program provide enhancements not covered by your health insurance.  You will want to maintain regular health insurance to cover hospitalizations, diagnostic testing (x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, lab work, etc), medications and specialists consultations.